Hi, I'm Alexa.

I’m Alexa! I was born and raised right outside of Detroit, MI and I have a wonderful fiance and a little boy and girl who I love dearly.  I am not a typical photographer who was always carrying around a camera as a child. For me, photography just came out of nowhere and I realized my passion for it. I guess you could say that it found me.

From Day 1, my goal was to capture what was real, free from posing and the usual photographs you’d expect. I want to tell stories. I want to feel something when you look at my images. I love to give you exactly what you want but all the while giving you something you’d never expect. That’s why I love to meet for coffee or a facetime date to chat to get to know you as a person and friend. I am that person…the one who is totally upbeat all the time and keeping everything running smoothly on your special day. I am so happy you stopped by…hope to hear from you soon.



“We had such a fun amazing time. We can't wait for you to shoot our wedding!!”

—Sara + John